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Weha Fiberglass Rodding

Weha Fiberglass Rodding


The advantages of fiberglass rodding:

• 25% stronger than standard rodding

• Will not rust over time.

• Mechanically bonds to the adhesive rather than just surrounding it like metal rodding.

• The labor and time savings with not having to clean grind each rod is more than enough to offset the costs of the fiberglass rodding.

• Fiberglass rodding is one of the strongest materials that can be used to increase load tolerance and deflection up to 1600%!

• Fiberglass rodding greatly increases safety. If a piece of stone breaks during an install with fiberglass rodding, the stone stays intact.

• Therefore no employees are injured nor any damages to the floor will need repaired.

• No waste! Quickly and easily cut the exact length you need.

• May be used on arches, round tables, or any special application.


For more information, see the Weha Fiberglass Rodding web page


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Weha Rodding Stand

Weha Rodding Stand


Stable, sturdy construction of galvanized steel.  Easy exchange of material.  Coil suitable for various GRP cross-sections.  Designed strong!


For more information, please visit the Weha Rodding Stand web page.


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Weha 5" x 1/4" Diamond Turbo Rodding Blade

 Weha 5" x 1/4" Wide Turbo Rodding Blade


is designed to increase speed in cutting out the rodding channel for the 1/8" thick fiberglass and metal rods.

With a full 10mm height of diamond and cooling holes, the Weha Turbo Rodding Blade cuts as fast as a turbo blade but making a 1/4" wide square notch for the rods.

The Rodding Turbo Blade makes up 2 Weha EB blades seperated by an 1/8" thick of metal-all welded together. When the blade is cutting, it blows out the stone that goes between the blades, leaving a perfect 1/4 wide groove.


May be used wet or dry

Max RPM: 12,200


For more information, please see Weha's Diamond Turbo Rodding Blade web page.



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