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Tenax Tefill Chip Repair Kit

Tenax Tefill Chip Repair Kit


This is a dual viscosity chip repair kit. Tefill dries in less than a minute to leave a polished finish on stone. The Tefill “POP-A-TOP" container comes with what you need to fill and repair chips out of stone, and is great for storing the components in until they are needed again, without loosing all individual pieces.

-Use Tefill 1 Super thin viscosity for fissures, scratches or chips on horizontal surfaces.

-Use Tefill 2 Thick viscosity to repair larger chips on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

-Use Tefill 3 Pump or "AerosalActivator" to create a faster chemical reaction.

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Tenax TeBlossom Green/Blue Stain Removal Kit

Tenax TeBlossom


This 12 oz kit is a 2 part chemical poultice process specifically designed to target blossoms. Blossom are rare, but sometimes occur as a chemical reaction in certain stones, like granite. TeBlossom can chemically pull out the green or blue stain caused from glue in laminates or chip repair kits. Won't etch the stone.







Lustro Italiano Rust Remover

Lustro Italiano Rust Remover


8 oz. of a special polishing compound created to erase etch marks, watermarks, water rings, dull spots, and even light scratches. Effective  upon multiple stones, including marble, travertine, limestone, alabaster, and onyx stone.







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