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Diamond Blades

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Dry Polishing Pads

Diamax Storm Granite Turbo Blade


• Best performing turbo blade in its class

• Soft bonded for fast cutting on hard surfaces

• Economically priced with the best brand in stone


7/8"-5/8" 20mm Arbor

7" and 8" blades have DKO arbor option


For more specifications, please refer to Diamax Storm Granite Turbo Blades



Carrying Clamps

Vacuum Lifters


Stone Maintenance


Diamax Cyclone Series Turbo Blade


• Laboratory tested to cut 119 linear feet in 3cm absolute black granite

• The #1 selling turbo blade in America

• See full demonstration video at: www.diamaxinc.com/seeturbo


7" and 8" blades have DKO arbor option

7/8"-5/8" 20mm Arbor


For more specifications, please refer to Diamax Cyclone Series Turbo Blades

Core Bits

Cup Wheels

Shaping Tools



Alpha Plus Diamond Blade

Alpha Plus Diamond Blade


Designed for dry cutting applications, Alpha® Plus is a premium diamond blade that can be used for cutting granite, engineered stone, marble, and other hard materials efficiently and quickly. Alpha® Plus fits on most angle grinders, wet stone cutters, demolition saws, or other common power tools used throughout the stone, tile and construction industries. Stone fabricators, tile installers, masons and general contractors will find that Alpha® Plus meets or exceeds all of their needs for various cutting applications in stone, tile and other hard building materials. The high performance design of the turbo edge, which is made with the highest quality diamond grit and matrix, safely provides “chip-free” cutting and longer life. Whether you are cutting 1-1/4” granite slab or the hardest cured concrete, Alpha® Plus is the ultimate diamond blade for your most demanding applications.


For more specifications, please refer to Alpha's Plus Diamond Blade page.


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Weha EB Quad Turbo Blade

Weha EB Quad Blades


Premium turbo blades designed for granite, marble,

ceramic materials. The Weha EB blade will give a very sharp, clean cut with

great life. Designed with air cool holes to stay cool for continuous cutting.

Dry use. May be used wet. 4”-14” sizes available


For more information, consult Weha's EB Quad Turbo Blade web page.

Weha SQ Super Quad Blades


Ultra premium turbo blades designed to cut fast and chip free.

With air cool holes throughout the blade and a reinforced core, the blade will not flex and

can be pushed hard through the stone. Granite, marble, universal use. Dry use. May

be used wet. 4”-10” sizes available.


For more information, consult Weha's SQ Super Quad Turbo Blade web page.

 Weha 5" x 7/8" arbor Vacuum Brazed Marble Blade


Designed specifically to work on marble, limestone, travertine, and other soft stones for a virtual chip free cut.


New patented Vacuum Brazing Technology

Drastically longer life

Extremely fast, aggressive cut

Outstanding on all marble, limestone, travertine, etc.


For more information, see Weha's Vacuum Brazed Marble Blade web page.


Weha 5" Double Vac Brazed Contour Blade

5" Double Vac Brazed Contour Blade


Vac Brazed on both sides

Super smooth finish

Turns easily during bowl cutouts

Air cool holes for continuous cutting


For more information, please visit Weha's web page concerning the Double Vac Brazed Contour Blade

Diamax Hurricane Contour Blade


• Perfect balance ensures smooth entry

when cutting

• The turbo-rim design produces safer and

sharper cuts than or segmented

designed contour blades


For more information see Diamax Blades product page







Alpha Rescue Blade


Alpha Professional Tools® does it again! Introducing the Alpha® Rescue Blade. This rugged demolition blade slices through concrete with re-bar, steel, stone, metal, wood, glass and rubberized material with ease. It has been proven to be a winner for firefighters, police officers, military personnel as well as construction professionals. Use with a gas-powered cut-off saw to get the job done quickly and effortlessly. Available in 9”, 12”, 14” and 16” diameters, the Alpha® Rescue Blade cuts it all!

*NEW* Diamax Cyclone Glass Blade


Diamond bond specifically made for glass tile


For clean and precise cuts in glass


Will not chip the bottom of the glass tile


For wet cuts only

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