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Abaco 8" Suction Cup

Abaco 8" Suction Cup VC200


This vacuum lifter has a vacuum cup 8" in diameter, rugged yet light-weight plastic body and barrel. Great for lifting granite or marble slab pieces and glass, it will leave no mark upon your material! Comes with it's own carrying case. The Abaco suction cup pumps out the air from between the rubber pad and the granite or glass surface, thus creating a hold more sturdy than other vacuum cups that make their vacuum by pulling away from the glass. The hand-actuated pump is spring-balanced to provide a vacuum of 20 inches Hg (at sea level).


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Abaco Single-Handed Carrying Clamps (Pair)

Abaco Single Handed Carrying Clamps (Pair) SHC25


These carrying clamps are small, lightweight & sturdy with a durable handle, built to reduce hand fatigue for the transportation of granite and glass pieces. The Abaco Single Handed Carry Clamps are incredibly versatile when used to safely lift and carry stone slabs or slab pieces in an upright position. Just two people can easily lift and position heavy slabs with only one hand, leaving the other free. The rubber pads are vulcanized to the metal jaws to increase grip pressure and prevent scratching. The handle is comfortably rubber padded. Full manufacturer's warranty.


The SHC-25 is 8 1/2" long, 4 3/4" wide, and 7 7/8" high


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Abaco Double Handed Clamp


The Double Handed Clamp, ACC40, requires four people. Sold in pairs. Designed to safely lift and move slabs without the use of a forklift. The durable, rubber padded handles reduce hand fatigue. Ruber lined jaws protect the material and prevent the material from slipping. The weight of the slab exerts sufficient clamping force for such simple clamping devices.

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