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Weha  Single Sided A-Frame


The Weha single-sided A frame is excellent for install vans, box trucks, as well as for in-shop use and can easily be placed against walls for saving space.

At only 26” wide, it allows plenty of room in vans and box trucks for additional install equipment.

Made of Galvanized steel.

Comes with Forklift receivers for easy moving. The base and uprights come with replaceable rubber to prevent scratches

Comes with 4 upright and tie down straps for secure transport.




Fabrication Tables

Slab Racks



Weha Large Single Sided A-Frame


The Weha Large Singe Sided A-Frame is excellent for transporting finished countertops and islands in box vans.

The back side can be placed flat against the walls, leaving plenty of room to load the vans as well as access tools throughout the truck.


It is also excellent in the shop near bridge saws or cnc machines.

It can be placed right against the wall and be used for storing scheduled jobs.


It comes with:

Forklift receivers.

5 Upright poles with straps for locking in and securing the stone during transport or for shop safetly storage.

All pieces that would come in contact with stone are lined with replacement rubber for protection agains damage and scratches.


Polyester Adhesives

Tints & Color

Weha Double Sided A frame Transport Cart Small 6 foot


The Weha 6’ kitchen transport rack is designed and built to store and transport mid-sized stone countertops and island pieces.

Comes with forklift receivers to lift from all four sides of the A frame.

The base and uprights come with replaceable rubber to prevent scratches.

The Weha 6’ long cart has 8 (4 per side) upright and tie down straps for secure transport.

Made of Galvanized Steel for years of use.

Comes with black rubber

Optional wheel conversion kits are available for moving around the shop

Tile Blades


Power Tools


Wet Polishers


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Weha 8' Kitchen Transport Rack


Newly redesigned transport cart for easier use, more features for moving counter tops and islands. Greater weight capacity, with more accessories available. Now supplied with white rubber to prevent any marks on the stone. The redesigned Weha Transport Cart offers some really nice new features:

  -35" wide: the more narrow body allows more room in the back of the truck or trailer for other installation items such as install carts, suction cup assemblies, etc

  -12" storage on each side: With a full 12" of storage on each side of the A Frame, there is a ton of room to store several jobs for each day of install.

  -Greater weight capacity: At 3300 lb weight capacity, the Weha Transport Cart can store multiple install jobs at one time.

  -Load Height: up to 55" allow for all countertop installs, including islands. The Weha Transport cart will allow the straps to extend past the poles, over the island and lock on the the eye hooks at the top for a 100% solid, secure fit.

  -91" length: The Weha ST cart will transport a full 10' fabricated countertop and only leave just a little over a foot sticking out on each end. This will allow a completely safe transport of longer length pieces without the worry of breakage during transport.

  -8 Uprights and straps: with 4 uprights and straps on each side, the stone will be transported safe and secure with support 2 feet apart.

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